Holiday Wish List for Medical Communications

New Ideas for MedComms

These are the things that come to us as we’re drifting off to sleep or pulling our hair out in the middle of a project. What would medical communications look like if we had:

  • A “dating” app for scientific publications – Authors upload a blinded manuscript to a common portal that is accessed by all journals, and then editors get to request or bid on the manuscripts they’d like to publish
  • All journals go to a format-free document for the initial submission
  • The medical publishing field converges on one reference style
  • Tailor-made software for developing and hosting scientific platforms
  • Track changes in PowerPoint

Tools of the Trade

Things we want for the office or would love to see created to make our workdays in medical communications easier (we have no financial incentive for anything linked below):

  • A third computer monitor – More is always better 🙂
  • A coffee warmer coaster
  • The Nuwa pen that digitizes your writing
  • More time, to fit in all of the books on our non-fiction leisure reading list (slide:ology by Nancy Duarte, Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks, For Blood and Money by Nathan Vardi, Random Acts of Medicine by Anupam Jena, Outlive by Peter Attia, The Urge by Carl Erik Fisher, The Art of Slow Writing by Louise DeSalvo, The Doctors Blackwell by Janice Nimura, and on and on….)
  • A VariDesk to easily adjust for sitting and standing at work
  • A quiet, split (ergonomic) keyboard that works well with Macs (does this exist?)
  • More storage (for papers and digital files; sigh, there is never enough space)

Happy Holidays, and hope that you’re wishes are fulfilled this season!