Medical writers may give you a quote for work in time (per hour, per diem), in quantity of material (per page, per word, per slide), or one quote for the whole project. Note whether revisions are included in the quote. If you have a particularly short deadline, you may be charged a rush fee. Paying bottom dollar may leave you with troubling results.
As a benchmark, the American Medical Writers Association salary survey indicated that the average hourly rates charged by full-time freelance writers was $112 (n = 451) (in 2014 dollars).

AIM’s response: Because every project and author are unique, I do not have a set rate per hour or per project. The level of writing and, therefore, the time needed to complete a project vary. I can tailor my level of work to your needs and we can work within a budget that you have determined. If you have a particular project for which you would like a quote, please email me.

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