Agnella Izzo Matic, PhD, CMPP

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Freelance Medical Writer, Agnella Izzo Matic, PhD, CMPPHi, I’m Agnella (pronounced on-YEL-la; it’s Italian). I am a freelance medical writer and a Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP), helping healthcare innovators convey their scientific advances.

Why me? I am a curious STEM enthusiast with a passion for education and communicating science to non-specialists. A native of Connecticut, I hold a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University and a BE in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University. 

I  have an Essential Skills certificate from the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), and am an active member of the American Medical Writers Association and the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals.

Off hours, you can find me lacing up my hiking boots or going paddleboarding – any excuse to be active outdoors.

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